Our Commitments

As of 30 April 2015, CV NTC SPICE has been approved by the Certification Approval Panel of TQCS International Pty Ltd, in Food Safety Program under the followings: 


In FOOD SAFETY PROGRAM Incorporating the principle of HACCP

In FOOD SAFETY PROGRAM which complies with the requirement of GMP (GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES).



Implementing Food Safety Program, we are committed to supply a clean, traceable, best quality Cassia, with international quality standard, which refers to ASTA Cleanliness Specification and European Standard Quality.  Supporting this commitment, we have built strong and good relationships with local growers in West Sumatera and Korintji area, to ensure consistency of clean and best quality Cassia.  We only work with the local growers who we know very well and who have many years of experienced in harvesting Cassia in the right and cleanest way possible.

We are committed in practicing GMP Procedure with well qualified people starting  from purchasing raw materials, to processing and cleaning materials, to packing and shipping ready materials.  We implement a thorough and traceable processing flow of production process to support our commitments.  In line with our commitments, our facility is fully up to international standard.   We have set up our warehouse into 3 separate facilities: 1 building for incoming raw materials, another building for processing, and cleaning raw materials and another facility for packaging cleaned finished product and loading ready materials into containers. 

We have a knowledgeable and solid team of QC and QA staffs to ensure that every shipment is checked and approved for export. Their jobs are very specific to ensure that any foreign matters or impurities are completely eliminated from every bags or cartons prior to shipment.

We analyze our products in laboratory for its physical as well as chemical characteristics.   Prior to shipments, all our products are tested for their Moisture Content, Mould Content, Ash Content, Sand Content, Foreign Matter Content, and other characteristics to ensure that our quality is according to the Indonesian Standard Quality for Export, which also in line with the ASTA quality guidelines/ European Standard Quality.