CV NTC SPICE  is a fast growing, well reputed company,  specialized in supplying, distributing, and marketing Indonesian Cassia, also known as Korintji Cassia or Batavia Cassia, made ready for export  to many different parts of the world.  We supply a wide selection of Indonesian Cassia, specifically Cassia originated from West Sumatera area and Korintji mountain.  

It is Our Vision to be the distinguish leader in the processing, development, distribution, and marketing of Cassia products by fulfilling the highest standards for quality, consistency, sustainability, dependability, and integrity.

As of 30 April 2015, CV. NTC Spice is certified in the following areas:


In FOOD SAFETY PROGRAM Incorporating the principle of HACCP

In FOOD SAFETY PROGRAM which complies with the requirement of GMP (GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES) 

All our product lines are also KOSHER CERTIFIED with status PAREVE/PASSOVER.

Our Products ranging from KA, KB, KC quality of Broken Clean Korintji Cassia, Vera A Stick, Vera AA cut quality, VAA Cuttings, KA Thick Stick to Cassia Ground. Ensuring and meeting our increasing demand, we have stationed our purchasing site in Padang, West Sumatera, where we buy raw materials right at source.   Furthermore, we are working  with ”Balai Penelitian dan Pengembangan Pertanian Sumatera Barat”  to preserve the cinnamon plantation for continuous sustainable food supply by distributing new cassia tree and giving back a percentage of company profit to induce farmers interest in Cassia.