Cassia harvest used to be the main spices that support the Economy of West Sumatera region. Now it has been replaced by many commodities such palm oil plantation, ginger, chili, and other vegetation. It's very difficult to convince the farmers to start planting new cassia trees.  In spite of this challenge, we are dedicated to plant 10 million new cassia trees to ensure sustainable growth in Cassia.


Today, we have started by planting 2000 cassia trees. We are hoping that this actions will be followed by other farmers so there are continuity and sustainalibity in cassia harvest.

Our Director, Mr Gunawan with Damrosa, the young generation of Cassia Farmers.  He is the son of ninik mamak in Kayu Aro mountain.



We are also consistently working  with ”Balai Penelitian dan Pengembangan Pertanian Sumatera Barat” to preserve the cinnamon plantation for continuous sustainable food supply by distributing new cassia tree and giving back a percentage of company profit to induce farmers interest in Cassia.




Mr. Syahrial Abdullahis is one of the persons in charge in ”Balai Penelitian dan Pengembangan Pertanian Sumatera Barat”.





We are giving training to the farmers informing them on how to have better and cleaner products and the importance of good and clean quality harvest right at source. 




Pak Madina  is a first generation of cassia farmer born in 1918. Every day he is still going to his cassia plantation to supply us with his first class raw materials.  We are able to convince him to start planting new crop for the next generation.