Vision & Mission


To Be The Distinguish Leader In The Processing, Development, Distribution, and Marketing of Cassia Products By Fulfilling The Highest Standards For Quality, Consistency, Sustainability, Dependability, and Integrity In Our Business and Personal Relationships.


Our Mission To Our Suppliers

To build and sustain honest and fair relationships and be a trusted, dependable resource. 

Our Mission To Our Customers

To create patnering relationships of trust, loyalty, integrity, and customer satisfaction by providing  a wide selection of cassia products of the highest quality, highly competitive pricing, and outstanding services.

Our Mission To Our Associates

To create a growing work environment for our associates, by acknowledging the value of each person's contribution to our company, entrusting them with responsibility and treating them with respect by providing competitive, merit based compensation and benefits.

Our Mission To Our Community

To be an exceptional partner in the area where we harvest and where we process Cassia, by supporting them economically, and making meaningful contributions to the quality of life.